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LFYAA Baseball & Softball


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

Where are you located?

LFYAA is located on Main Avenue in Linthicum MD 21090. Main Avenue is located off of Andover Road just past Lindale Middle school.  Make a left on Main Avenue and turn into Apache Football field parking lot. Follow the parking lot around until you see our field house which says LFYAA. For in person registrations, proceed up the stairs.

What does my registration fee provide?

The registration fees allow LFYAA the opportunity to run a successful t-ball, baseball and softball program for boys and girls ages 3 through 18 years of age. Registration fees include a full uniform for each player that they will keep, catcher’s gear, balls, opening day festivities, utilities, field maintenance equipment (tractors etc.) and field maintenance supplies (such as lime and topsoil), etc.  In addition to these expenses LFYAA pays all umpire fees and liability insurance that is required for each player within our organization.  We also pay for entry into the North County League when applicable.

What do I have to buy for my child prior to the season?

Each player will need his/her own glove, helmet and bat. Softball players are required to wear a helmet with a “caged” front. T-ball and baseball do not have this requirement. Cleats are recommended, especially for the older age groups. A sports cup for male athletes age 7 and up is also strongly encouraged.

When are the games and practices scheduled?

Practices begin immediately after registration closes AND after the player draft is complete. Coaches are required to contact all parents within 48 hours of team selections. Please make sure that you provide LFYAA with the best phone number to reach you as well as an alternate number. 
We can not create schedules of any sort until all Coaches have been selected and our teams are created.

Practices will be held on weekdays and/or  weekends. Evening week day practices generally begin around 6pm.  Please strive to have your child attend as many practices as possible, so they can get ready for the season. If you’re not able to make practice, a phone call or text to your child’s coach is much appreciated. Good communication is one of the keys to a successful season.

Games begin on Opening Day (usually the first or second weekend in April) and run approximately 8 weeks until mid-June. Weekday evening games usually begin at 6pm. Saturday game times will vary. We will not have a schedule until all of the teams are formed. We strive to create the game schedules as quickly as possible. Your child’s coach will provide a schedule to you immediately after the schedules are created and approved.   If your child is going to miss a game please make his/her coach aware so they can alter their line up accordingly. Once our teams are drafted/selected, no refunds will be given.

What are the age groups of your teams?

We offer two t-ball leagues for boys/girls. One league is for boys/girls ages 3/4 and the other t-ball league is offered to boys/girls ages 5/ 6.

New this year, we will be offering girls ages 5 and 6 the opportunity to play softball OR t-ball. Our other softball teams are compiled based on enrollment which may include 8U, 10U and 12U.

Our other leagues are baseball. They are comprised of players that are 7/8, 9/10, 11/12, 13/15, and 16/18

Can I pick which team I want my child to play?

We do our best to honor requests for our t-ball teams only. All other teams are formed during the draft process which utilizes the players experience and skill level to form the most fair and competitive teams.

What can I do if I have concerns or questions regarding my child’s team?

LFYAA is a 100% volunteer organization. We are always looking for more volunteer help, and suggestions to improve our program are always welcomed.

If you have a concern about your child’s team, we encourage communication with your child’s coach at a mutually convenient time, either after or before practice/games. Most of the time, small problems can be discussed before they become large ones. Each league also has a Vice President who will be happy to address your concerns, if the situation cannot be remedied at the coach level. Please wait until the day following a game to discuss concerns with your child’s coach.

Why should I choose LFYAA baseball/softball for my child?

We will be celebrating our 67th  year serving the North County community this year. During those 60 plus years we have consistently advocated the importance of sportsmanship, team work, learning, exercise and fun for youth of all ages. LFYAA is composed of experienced leadership; we know what it takes to provide the best possible experience for your family. Most of our children either play, or have played within our organization. Not only are we volunteers, we are also parents and grandparents. All of our decisions are made from dual perspectives. We all want the best for our children and yours on every level!

We are not just a Baseball/Softball organization; we are a tri-sport organization offering stellar programs in Soccer and Basketball as well. Not only do we offer recreational leagues, we also provide the opportunity for your child to try out for travel teams, and tournament level play.

LFYAA is a premier multiple field sports facility that is unmatched in our area. The size of our facility allows for many leagues to play games simultaneously and allows for fantastic tournaments that include teams from many counties during the day and at night.  We also have a fantastic concession stand that provides breakfast, lunch, hot/cold beverages, snacks and snowballs during most games.

Safety for your family is our number one priority. All of our volunteers are required to submit and pass a background check through Anne Arundel County. This includes coaches, assistant coaches, and team parents.

LFYAA is on the move this year more than ever! We have recently added a new and improved website, which includes the capability to register your child and pay online. Live registrations will also be available at our Field House. The new website will be utilized to keep you and your family up to date on all of our exciting plans and events.

We are diligently working to continue providing families in the North County area with the best youth athletics possible for the next 60 years and beyond. We hope that you consider becoming part of the LFYAA family and we would love to have you.

What do I do if I encounter a problem registering and paying online?

Our website is newer and we are added new functionality and benefits each week.  If you encounter a problem, please send an email to our Baseball/Softball Board at [email protected] and let us know of the problem.  One of our team will contact you as soon as possible to resolve your issue.

Any cancelation refund request will be managed on a case by case basis. Cancelations are subject to a $10 processing fee - seperate from any service charges imposed through a third party processor. 

 How can I volunteer to be a coach, assistant coach, team parent, concession stand worker or grounds crew member?

 Check our website for volunteer opportunities under "Volunteer Registration" at the top of our website" or contact our Baseball/Softball Board at [email protected]